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Capacity Building

Aram Porul curates and creates special workshops and programs to develop personal and professional skills in individuals and organizations.

HR Training Workshops

Human resources are the heart of an organization; more so, a social sector organization. Recognizing this, since the beginning, Aram Porul has been conducting workshopsand training programs for staff of NGOs. Our workshops are conducted by experts in the field, with practical tips that social sector professionals can use directly.

We conduct open workshops for a small fee, and also create bespoke training modules for clients, depending on their needs.

  • Essential HR Practices for NGOs
  • Workshop on Conducting a Baseline Study
  • Workshop on Building high-performance organizations
  • Webinar on Implications of Budget 2020 on NGOs
  • Webinar on Creating a Corpus
  • Workshop on Creating a Fundraising Calendar
  • Webinar on Changes in Rules Related to 12A, 80G and CSR form 1

Client Specific Training Modules:

  • Team Building and Time Management, a three-day training program for the staff of MaduramNarayana Charitable Trust
  • Financial Planning training program for the staff of PVT company
  • Outbound training for staff of Chudar Trust

Monthly Training Programs(NGOs)

Aram Porul offers monthly training programs for NGOs on many functional aspects: fundraising, program management, organizational management, IT, etc.

Leadership Retreats

(CSR and NGOs)

Aram Porul designs retreats for all social sector professionals to relax, rejuvenate and reflect. Our signature program, the annual 4-day Women’s Leadership Retreat has helped women disengage from their daily role of professional and personal caregiver, and focus on themselves, leading to transformative experiences and discoveries.