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Ecosystem Change

As a team, we are passionate about the philanthropy ecosystem. We strive to see that it changes for the better, creating closer networks between NGOs, volunteers, and the government. We work toward creating a robust system through strengthening of the ideas, processes, and people who are part of the philanthropy landscape.

Through Aram Porul Foundation, we also support ideas that are innovative and creative with the possibility to create high impact .

Aram Dialogues
Aram Dialogues is a discussion series bringing together NGOs, activists, volunteers, and donors, to share and reflect on the various challenges and opportunities that they face. This series throws up interesting questions and networks, enabling various stakeholders to pool in resources and work together.
Aram Porul Incubator
Aram Porul incubates promising projects that provide innovative solutions to social problems with tools and resources to refine, test, iterate, and scale up an idea.
iGiver, an app for in-kind donations, was developed by Lokar Technology, at our incubation program. We worked closely with the team in ideating, creating systems, suggesting collaborations, and implementing the project.

Aram Porul participates in Daan Utsav, India’s Festival of Giving, from October 2-8 every year, through various giving activities across the state. We also facilitate givers to connect with NGOs, and vice versa, to increase giving.
SevaMela, a ‘marketplace of NGOs,’ was a concept that was ideated and implemented by the team behind Aram Porul. First held in ___, the mela, usually held during DaanUtsav, is an exercise to increase visibility of the sector as a whole, and provide opportunities for givers and NGOs to interact with each other in a fun, festive atmosphere. With a year-on-year increase in footfall, SevaMela is an event that has grown in leaps and bounds.